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Why use us?

Why do you do marketing – at the Sixth Level or any other level for that matter? To make more money! The great thing about our services is that you can immediately judge their success. Our proposals and project analysis always demonstrate an understanding of your revenue objectives. Through site analytic's and other web monitoring tools, we empirically measure the results of our work to ensure that we meet your profit ambitions. That is the great thing about the Internet – when it comes to success or failure, there’s no hiding place.

We are results focused

We are a results focused marketing consultancy working with businesses of all sizes to maximise business growth and profitability through the use of the Internet as a marketing medium and a sales channel.

We can improve your sales, your image, your status, your reach.  We can help you to reduce your cost per lead; we can increase the number of qualified leads coming in; we can get each customer to buy more over a longer period.

We are always price conscious, constantly striving to help you to maximise your marketing ROI.

Six Levels to success: Levels 1-3

Level 1: Reach

Our consultative approach must first understand your business.  How do you reach your prospects?  How and where do they like to be reached?  What do they like to see or experience – apps, LinkedIn, etc.?

Level 2: Awareness

This level analyses how you get your message to your potential customers.  It encompasses PPC, organic search, social media, Yell, Google Marketplace, email marketing, video and so on.

Level 3: Consideration

We define the multiple touch points for potential clients, considering remarketing, website optimisation and email marketing, among many others.

Six Levels to success: Levels 4-6

Level 4: Conversion

How do you discuss your prospects’ issues, answer their questions and get them to contact or buy from you?  We consider telemarketing, landing pages, conversion sites, long copy and microsites.

Level 5: Loyalty

Extend the lifetime value of each customer by building their loyalty – through email newsletters, articles, information, video, apps and incentives.

Level 6: Advocacy

Finally, your customers become your sales force, your brand ambassadors, whom you support, reward and advocate in turn.

This should all be tied up with a CRM system that enables you to manage your customers and your communications in the most efficient way possible.

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