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Video Marketing

YouTube is now the 2nd biggest search engine, so not only does good optimised video get found in the search engine results, potential clients can also find you whilst browsing YouTube.

Professional Video is too expensive!

Advancements in technology and ability to create high quality HD video is now more affordable then you think, don't get grainy pixelated videos promoting your business, look as professional as you can and make sure they are optimised to be found.

I don't sound right or I don't look good on screen!

If you really do not like the way you sound or look then voice overs or actors can be used to say/present your messages.

No one looks at videos!

That is so untrue! People receive information and learn in 3 different ways, Audibly, Visually or Kinesthetically, engaging with browsers so they have to listen, watch and interact ensures your message is getting through.

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