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  • Google Page One Guaranteed!

    Google Page 1

    Guaranteeing Google page 1 for agreed keywords sound impossible! But we do it, call us to find out more!

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  • Customer Engagement

    Six Levels To
    Marketing Success

    Before you start any marketing, you need to understand the six levels of process to deliver guaranteed results.

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Sixth level Marketing deliver a complete Digital Marketing Service, A Business website is your shop window to the world and people have to find it to come and do business, if your business is not found online then it doesn't exist! Our digital services include client persona workshop, website review and audit, search marketing, social media and website design and build.

Mobile Apps

Mobile phones are now the norm! In the increasingly on the go environment we live in taking our ability to find information, book tables/taxis, purchase items with us is now becoming more expected. The fact we are always travelling means that our local environment is not always known to us, having the ability to enable smartphone users to access local information about your products or services easily without internet access has got to be an advantage!

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Social Media

Your website is not the only way you can market yourself online. You can enhance your online presence by using Twitter, Facebook, web PR and blogs. In our connected world, your social media activity should work in synergy with your website to build a buzz around your company, and attract more people to your site.

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Marketing Services

Our marketing services are designed to get you the right exposure, in the right places, with the right message ensuring potential clients have the opportunity to look at your goods and services when they are searching for a product or solution. To do this we need to understand who potential clients are, what the competition are doing, where you are now and how you are perceived. With this information we can pull together an integrated marketing solution working with any offline marketing you may also be doing.

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"If you were to rate SEO companies out of 10 then I would certainly give 6LM an 8 or a 9. Dudley said that in their industry 6LM has facilitated them to be ‘ahead of all their competition’ when it comes to online marketing. "

Dudley Howland,
UK Credit Insurance Specialists

"6LM have been looking after our website optimisation for over 5 years, delivering great ranking results even though Google keep changing the rules!"

Graeme Rhodes,
Pack Send UK

"6LM have provided a comprehensive service for evolve, providing expertise around keyword research and on-site optimisation. Links, traffic and visitors have all increased as a result."

Tom Perkins,
evolve Websites