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Driving qualified traffic to your website in a controlled way.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Adwords

Pay per click advertising (PPC) is the most efficient form of advertising available to businesses today. The targeting of key words applicable to your services on the major search engines ensures that your web-site is only marketed to those who have already expressed an interest in those services – users ‘pre-qualify‘ themselves! What’s more, you only pay for the advert once the visitor has actually used it (clicked) to get to your website so you don’t waste budget by paying to get visibility with visitors who are not interested in your service or company.

Meeting Your Needs

PPC is highly flexible as the budget can be increased or decreased when required and campaigns started and stopped almost immediately if your market needs or priorities change. The challenge with PPC is ensuring that the amount that you pay for each visitor is sufficient to get the maximum number of visitors, but not so much that you are wasting your budget. Advertisers can find their budget disappearing very quickly if they have not correctly assessed the market rate for key words. In short the ‘bid’ for the key word needs to be pitched carefully and regularly reviewed – that needs specialist management.

How Can we help?

Our knowledge of the market and the PPC process allows us to pitch the key word bids wisely and try to identify those key words that will get your site traffic but are not being heavily bid for. We keep your cost per click low by carefully monitoring the bid prices and click through rates to assess where the budget should be spent and either raised or lowered depending on the results coming through.

Many businesses have now diverted the majority of their marketing spend to PPC campaigns as they are so well targeted, highly measurable and completely controllable. And you only pay when a visitor actually goes to your site!

While most will immediately think of Google as being the only platform for these services, it is important to remember that Yahoo and Bing also provide PPC capabilities and whilst their share of the UK market is smaller (Yahoo c.20%; Bing c.10%) many of their users are ‘captive’ eg BT Broadband users are given Yahoo as the default search when they connect and the Yahoo cost per click is usually lower than Google, whilst conversion rates in Bing are the highest of all the search engines.

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