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The ease of navigating the web means that customers can decide where they will go, if they will engage and whether they will do business at all. In the corporate world engaging with the browser is not always seen as a priority, as such microsites can allow large corporate businesses to engage, whilst keeping the main site more investor oriented.

Online Sales Conversion

Efficient websites minimise buying friction by creating a more intimate experience that encourages and reassures a site visitor; thus helping them to purchase. To maximize conversion, we need to know:

  • Who are we trying to persuade to take the action?
  • What is the action we want them to take?
  • What does that person need in order to feel confident taking that action
The science of online sales conversion is the understanding and analysis of the key decision criteria for your customer and providing information, persuasion messages and incentives that help them make the decision to buy as quickly as possible. A high conversion website identifies and addresses all the potential barriers to purchase that a site visitor might perceive, thus getting them to take the action you require on your site.

Simple changes better results

Online marketing activity is all about identifying and winning well-targeted visitors who have an interest in your market, your products or services and your Company. Getting the horse to the water is a huge task and most of our work at Sixth Level Marketing is about delivering well-targeted visitor traffic to our clients’ sites. But if the visitors are not converting to customers when they get there then the commercial objective of the site is not being met. Our conversion factor analysis identifies how to present key buying data alongside persuasion or reassurance messages to encourage more sales to be made. What’s more, our conversion optimisation programme makes changes to a site and tests the impact on sales on an ongoing basis. By continually challenging the websites current sales performance with new features – perhaps as simple as a change of headline or a different product image – the conversion performance or efficiency of the site is improved.

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