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Email Marketing

A well targeted email campaign is still one of the most efficient and cost-effective forms of marketing there is

Why E-mail?

Regular e-mail communication can be a powerful marketing tool. E-mail campaigns are highly cost-effective, easily controlled and very measurable and are very efficient methods of maintaining regular contact with customer and lead databases. Regular provision of a bespoke newsletter or e.update to a prospect provides a vehicle to:

  • keep your brand and proposition visible to them without being intrusive
  • provide updates on Corporate information that enhances your reputation in the market eg new products or services, or a new case study
  • cost effectively maintain the database by regularly ‘testing’ the contact information
  • provide regular ‘door-openers’ for a sales manager to follow up on specific articles in the e-mails when appropriate

How is it Managed?

Our e.mail campaigns are managed on a secure stand-alone platform holding both the contacts and the mailing templates. Mailing campaigns can be started and managed internally via a web-based user interface or more commonly via our managed service including newsletter creation and mailing selection. Current customer and prospect data can be uploaded to the contact database and the ongoing maintenance of the base is then undertaken by the management tool:

  • A simple link on your current website takes a prospect to a self-registration form and this data is loaded directly to the main dbase
  • New records can also be manually added via the user interface on a one-off basis or uploaded from Excel files for larger quantities
  • Single or double opt-in options are available
  • Deregistration requests are automatically actioned on receipt
  • Customised registration and deregistration request auto responders
  • Preset and customisable e.mail templates are available
  • Segment e.mail recipients based on your defined data fields
  • Campaign history and performance reporting is provided
  • There is virtually limitless database capacity

What will it Achieve?

Reporting on a campaign is available almost as soon as the mailing has been released:

  • How many emails were sent and delivered
  • What percentage of your subscribers opened each email
  • Which links in the mail generated the most click-throughs
  • Who opened and clicked through each email
  • How many (and who) opted-out of each email
  • Create new lists from your email campaign tracking data like all of those "who opened" or "who clicked" a particular campaign

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