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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO Organic search results. A website can be stunningly designed and beautifully written, but if prospective customers cannot find it when they are searching for the products or services that you provide, it might as well not exist. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a strategy – composed of a number of techniques – that increases the flow of visitors to a website, by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine -- including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

SEO is vital

Everyone talks about SEO, and for good reason, because it is vital. 94% of people never go beyond the first page of a search, so if you are not on page one, only 6% have any chance of finding you and clicking through to your site. That is why we guarantee our clients a page one ranking. How do we do that? We understand Google and the other search engines, and we work with you to understand your customers and their journey from prospect to purchaser. Call Winchester based 6LM now to get a no obligation SEO quote.

An iterative process

There are many steps in a successful SEO project or campaign. First of all, you need to understand which search terms drive your business. Many businesses know, but we use Pay Per Click as a temporary tool to verify that knowledge. If PPC does not deliver click-throughs for that term, it is not correct for your proposition. Next, we make sure that your website is ready to convert visitors. Again, the actions of PPC click-throughs will tell us. If your search terms are wrong or your website conversion ability is lacking, we have the research capabilities and the design and copywriting resources to remedy both. Once, your search terms are established and your website is ready, we use our constantly evolving knowledge and skills to get you onto page one. Call Winchester based 6LM to get free search engine optimisation website audit

Paying for itself

It goes without saying that our guaranteed page one service pays for itself many times over. But even so, we let you defer payment so that you only pay the majority of our fee once you are raking in the money! And we can carry on for as long as you want more business. We can work together to define new search terms – verify them through PPC – get you onto page one for them – let your website convert the visitors – and use the extra profit to fund page one ranking for yet more terms! Call us now to increase your ranking position and earn more money with our SEO solutions.

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