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6 Levels of Customer Engagement

6 Levels of Customer Engagement

Online marketing is not just about SEO, EMail marketing, PPC or social media, it is about connecting with potential clients and convincing them that you are who they want to do business with. To this end 6LM have come up with 6 levels of customer engagement, these levels are:

1. Profile your customers

Until you know the profile of you potential customers how can you create the right message for them and know what they are looking for?

2. Awareness

Once you know who your customers are you need them to know the types of services or products you supply are available.

3. Consideration

Once they know that the services or products that you supply are available then you need them to consider purchasing them from you when the need arises.

4. Conversion

A key part to the new business process, making sure that those people who visit your site have their questions answered and any concerns allayed so they contact you allowing your own staff the opportunity to convert them to customers.

5. Loyalty

It takes a lot of money to get new business so you want to ensure that you keep your clients for as long as possible, extending the lifetime value of a customer by building their loyalty.

6. Advocacy

Customers can become your best sales force, brand ambassadors whom you support, reward and advocate in turn.

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