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Penguins & Pandas

Google are trying to stop businesses from getting free business! Google have introduced some great changes to ensure that "Spam" companies are not able to get high rankings and therefore protect browsers, but this has also meant that legitimate businesses have also been affected


The introduction of “Penguin” which is the adjustment of the search algorithm to reduce the ranking position of websites that have low quality links to them, a common method of spam sites to get themselves to the top. However this has impacted many legitimate businesses that have gathered links to there sites from directories, blogs and other low quality sites as theses were acceptable many years ago. What can a legitimate business do? It must manually check through all the links they have a remove all the low quality links by asking the website to remove them, if they are unable to get the website to do this then they need to tell Google by disavowing that link.

What can we do?

We can work through a sites links and get those links of low quality removed so that a site can get considered for top places by Google again.


“Google Panda” is all about content, not enough, thin, duplicate, old or spam. Google are hitting websites that do not fresh, interesting and relevant content, why? Because they want the browser to get the best experience possible when going on to top websites. This can be a pain to smaller businesses where they cannot afford to have a resource that is consistently creating new content to add or replace on a website, do Google care, No… Simple message you must create quality content that changes your website on a regular basis to continue to get top spots.

What can we do?

We can work with clients to create fresh interesting content to replace or add to their website.

Manual Penalties

Google are unable to make changes to the algorithm to hit websites that have been well optimised! So they introduced manual penalties which were aimed at what Google believe are websites unnaturally high in the rankings because of over optimisation of links and or web content. Their aim? To drive SEO companies out of business, though they forget that it is also these companies that bring them lot of money through the running of Google adwords.

What can we do?

We can work with clients to get these penalties lifted and rebuild the popularity of a site within Google’s guidelines to get top pages.

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