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Create a fast and responsive web-presence focused purely on your local divisional or promotional needs supported by your business website.

Business Website

Many businesses have highly polished and well branded websites, managed by a central marcomms team or by an outsourced design agency. These are often very good at building online brand presence and providing detailed information on products, services and customer support and reference data for investors and shareholders, but are difficult to implement rapid changes to. Divisional sales and marketing teams can struggle to get tactical or promotional coverage from such a site and fail to maximise the fast responses that result from well-focussed website content. Typical requirements could be:

    New Product Launch
    Competition or PR Activity
    Market Research
    Seasonal Promotion
    B2B Sales Promotion
    Response to Topical Event
    Response to Legislative Changes

The answer a Microsite

The answer is a local microsite built quickly and focussed totally on a specific sales or marketing message that may have a limited shelf-life. Whilst our designers are always mindful of corporate brand requirements, the content, copy and even the domain name can be targeted on a single sales objective in a way that a large corporate site cannot. Microsites have few pages, but can link to appropriate pages on the main site for background information. The key objective for these sites is almost always to capture lead or contact information and our microsite platform includes a powerful data capture and segmentation tool to allow contacts to be quickly followed up.

Take advantage of keywords!

Another advantage of a highly focused microsite is in pushing your competition down the ranks. By creating a focused microsite and doing the correct optimisation you can quickly get the site to the top of the search engines for the specific keywords and thus pushing down competition!

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